10 Amazing Facts about Millennium Park, Abuja you need to know

1.      Size

Millennium Park, located at 5, Usuma St, Abuja, is the largest public park in Abuja, the Capital City of Nigeria. It covers a large land area of over 80 acres of land.

2.      Location

Millennium Park is located in the heart of Abuja city. There are many 5-star hotels around the park where tourists and visitors can lodge in. Some of these hotels include Grand Ibro hotel which is only 3.63 km away from the park; Bolingo hotel and towers, which is 3.20 km away from the park; Ambience hotel, which is only 2.50 km away, and Barcelona hotels, which is just 2.20 km away from the Millennium Park. It is also located beside the former Presidential Palace which is close to the centre of presidential and administrative buildings of Abuja city.

3.      History

Millennium Park was inaugurated in December, 2003 by Queen Elizabeth II of England. The design and architecture were made by Manfredi Nicoletti, an Italian architect. The opening ceremony was graced with major local and international personalities, including Queen Elizabeth II of England, Olusegun Obasanjo, the former president of Nigeria, and former UK prime Minister Tony Blair. Millennium Park is currently one of the most popular parks in Abuja, and in Nigeria at large.

4.      Entry Fee

Abuja’s Millennium Park does not require any fee to gain access to its amazing features. It is absolutely free, and there is no limit to the number of hours you can spend there.

5.      Children Friendly

The Millennium Park is a great place for children to be. There is a special area allocated for children to play. There are numerous children playing toys, each one suitable for different age groups. Some of the interesting activities children can do at the Millennium park include: swinging, bouncing castles, little horse rides, and puzzles.

6.      Social Events

The Millennium Park is available for people to host their social events, ranging from birthday parties to weddings, burial receptions, engagements, retirements, among others. To book a spot, you will be required to pay a sum, depending on the spot you want and the amount of space you need. You should also book your spot weeks before the actual event to avoid double bookings and disappointments.

7.      Maintenance

The Millennium Park is almost two decades old, but the place still looks and feels new. The maintenance is top-notch, and it is being renovated regularly. New innovations are usually made to match the trend, and old and worn-out equipment are usually replaced with new ones. Despite being a public park, the Millennium Park is considered as one the best maintained parks in Abuja.

8.      Environment

The surroundings around Abuja’s Millennium Park speaks everything about nature. The environment is green and serene. The large trees are beautifully placed, and designed to give you shelter and natural breath. If you ever want to feel close to nature, Millennium Park is highly recommended. The squeaks of the birds, great scenery, cool landscape, old scribblings and green life are one of the major highlights of the Millennium Park.

In addition to that, the artistic ambience of its surroundings makes it a top attraction site for tourists.

9.      Water Fall and Fountains

Millennium Park has a great waterfall in it. The subtle sound of the rushing water is always very tranquil to the ears. The Millennium Park is also featured with several fountains. One can go there for sight-seeing, or have a little picnic or date around the fountains and water falls.

10.  Security  

Abuja’s Millennium Park is very safe for people to be in. The security is tight, and there is close monitoring of activities around the place. People are also not allowed to remain there at night to ensure their safety and utmost security.

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