7 reasons why the Lekki Conservation Centre is worth visiting

The Lekki Conservation Centre Is a plant and animal protection program that was established in 1990. It was founded by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and the now-defunct Lagos Ministry of Agriculture as a means of preserving and protecting the mangrove forests and wildlife of Southwest Nigeria from urban development and extinction.

The Centre protects the wetlands of Lekki Peninsula which are made up of swamp and savannah habitats. The Centre is located along the Lekki-Epe expressway, Lekki Peninsula, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. Entry fee into the Conservation Centre is 1000 naira per adult.

There are several reasons to visit the Lekki Conservation Centre. Some of them are:

1. A walk across the canopy walkway

The canopy walkway is a suspended bridge across trees. The canopy walkway at the Lekki Conservation Centre is the longest in Africa. The walkway features six stopover towers that are over 22 feet tall. The walkway offers a 360-degree view of the world below. The canopy walkway at the Lekki Conservation Centre stretches about 1,315 feet long (more than three and half football fields). A price of 1000 naira is charged per individual.

2. Climb into the treehouse

The treehouse at the Lekki Conservation Centre is the second tallest in Africa. The treehouse is built into a Dawadawa tree. Standing at an impressive height of 25 feet, the treehouse offers a fantastic view of the world underneath this allows for a better appreciation of the biodiversity at the Lekki Conservation Centre.

3. See the giant tortoise

The Lekki Conservation Centre is home to the renowned 95-year old giant tortoise. Due to the tortoise’s sluggish nature, it is easy for tourists and visitors to take pictures of or with the tortoise.

4. Play board games

There are life-sized board games with giant pieces designed on the floor at the Lekki Conservation Centre. Ludo, snakes and ladders and chess are the games available. The chess pieces can also be improvised to play as draughts or checkers.

5. Plan a picnic

There are sheds available at the Lekki Conservation Centre. These sheds are made of raffia palms and this makes it a good spot to kick back and relax. Since visitors are allowed to bring food in, picnics can be hosted at the Centre under these sheds.

6. Get in touch with nature

The Lekki Conservation Centre offers the opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat. Animals like patas monkeys and tortoises, birds like peacocks, owls and other species of birds and reptiles like alligators and crocodiles can be seen at the Lekki Conservation Centre.

7. Feed the fish

There are also fish like koi and tilapia at the Lekki Conservation Centre. Their eggs and fingerlings can also be seen in the pond. Visitors are allowed to feed the fish. It is a very relaxing experience.

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