A Guide to Visiting the Obudu Cattle Ranch

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The Obudu Cattle Ranch is one of Nigeria’s most interesting tourist destinations. Located in the Obudu Plateau in Cross River State, Nigeria, the Obudu Cattle Ranch is a well-known resort and recreational place.

A Brief History of the Obudu Cattle Ranch

The Obudu Cattle Ranch (now Obudu Mountain Resort) was founded in the year 1951 by Scottish ranchers; M. McCaughley, Mr. Hugh Jones and Dr. Crawfeild. The Obudu Mountain Resort is close to the Cameroonian border in the Northeastern part of Cross River State. When McCaughley discovered the mountain in 1949, he considered the territory a perfect spot for a ranch and so the Obudu Cattle Ranch was developed. Surrounded by gorgeous hills and mountains, it is a perfect place for reacquainting oneself with nature.

How to get to the Obudu Cattle Ranch

To get to the Obudu Mountain Resort, you can take the direct bus from Calabar into the town of Obudu. The trip from Calabar to Obudu town takes about five hours. Then, it takes another hour to get to the resort itself.

People often ask that when is the best time to visit the Obudu Cattle Ranch. The resort is always full during festivals. It is best to visit the resort from October to February as the cool weather during this period makes activities like hiking over hills more enjoyable.

Fun Things to do at the Obudu Cattle Ranch

The Obudu Mountain Resort offers a variety of fun activities. Some off the fun activities to indulge in are:

1. Birdwatching

The Obudu Mountain Resort houses about 250 different species of birds. The natural reserve also hosts a variety of birds and butterflies. You can watch the birds in their natural habitat with your binoculars.

2. A ride on the cable car

At the Obudu Mountain Resort, you can either drive up from the bottom of the hill or take a cable car to get to the top of the resort. The hilltop is about eleven kilometers of spiral roads from the base. The ride to the top of the resort from the bottom of the hill in a cable car takes six minutes while a drive from the bottom of the hill takes about twenty-five minutes. The cable car also offers the opportunity to see the mountains from all angles. The beautiful backdrop is among the side attractions of the cable car.

3. Take a walk on the canopy walkway

A walk on the canopy walkway which is managed by the Nigerian Conservation Service costs 300 naira. The canopy walkway is a 100 metre swinging bridge hung about 70 metres above the forest floor. A walk on this bridge provides a sense of adventure.

4. Participate in the Obudu Mountain Race

A mountain race competition takes place annually at the Obudu Mountain Resort. It is usually held in November. The race offer a substantial cash prize to the winner. If you visit the resort in November, try to see or participate in the competition.

5. Play outdoor sports

Activities like swimming, hiking, golfing and horseback riding are available at the resort. The resort has swimming pools and a grotto also. Due to the fact that the resort sits stop a mountain, there are also options for hikers and climbers. The resort also boasts of a 9-hole golf course with lush vegetation. The activities are for visitors to kick back and relax.

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