Everything to Know about Visiting Landmark Leisure Beach in Lagos

Landmark leisure beach is a closed beach situated in Victoria Island, Lagos. It is a people-friendly place, serene, neat and super comfortable. Landmark beach is an exclusive beach designed purposefully for lovers of class and aestheticism. In other words, it is a place meant for fun and to chill.  

Landmark leisure beach is a beach for all; family, children, adults, couples, singles, etc. There are numerous facilities on the beach that can give you an awesome and unforgettable experience. The exquisite beach is structured like a home away from home with numerous adventurous activities to keep you busy and energised throughout your stay there. Some of the many activities which can be done at Landmark beach include: jet skiing, windsurfing, beach soccer, etc.  

History of Landmark Beach

Landmark beach was established in 1997. However, it wasn’t fully acquired until December 2018 when it was officially launched. The landmark beach is an extension of Landmark hotel in Victoria Island. Guests in the hotel can go to the beach to chill, eat and have fun. Today, Landmark beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos with clean and clear water. It is also one of the most expensive beaches in Lagos.  

The current owner of Landmark leisure beach is Paul Onwuanibe. He is a business magnate and the CEO of Landmark Group. 

Location of Landmark Private Beach

Landmark beach is located at Landmark Village Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Means of Getting to Landmark Private Beach

There are two ways of getting to Landmark beach; the first is through Eko Hotel roundabout at Victoria Island, while the second is via the 3rd roundabout by Pinnacle filling station, VI.

Gate Fee

A token of N2000 is required per adult to gain access to the beach. For children, the gate fee is N1000. This fee, however, is just to gain entrance to the beach. It does not cover games, reservations, food, and drinks.

Activities at Landmark Beach


Landmark beach is a great place to go to kill boredom and have fun. There are countless fun activities that you can do to feel relaxed and refreshed. Some of these activities include: boat riding, paintball, jet skiing, Astroturf pitch, beach soccer, kayaking, paddleboat, quad bike, basketball, mini golf, basketball, among others. Unless you are going in a large group, it is advisable that you purchase your meals/snacks from the various restaurants and local food vendors there to save you the expensive cost of bringing in your own food.


Dates are highly recommended on the landmark beach. Asides the awesome water view and the nature spark, there are great exquisite restaurants you and your date can choose from. You also have the option of getting your food delivered directly to your lounger or cabana. There are also numerous games you can indulge in for game lovers, or you can just sit and talk and have fun while enjoying the sea view.

Marriage proposals at Landmark Beach

Landmark beach is also a cool place to propose to your sweetheart. A beach proposal at such a lovely place is considered posh and cool. The best time to propose to your loved one is in the evening or at night. You can light candles around your cabana, and put subtle decorations around it to make them feel like the special person they are.

Asides proposals, you can profess your love to the person you deeply care about. Who knows, your shoot might hit the right mark.


The Landmark leisure beach is very accommodating for parties and picnics. you can organise random beach parties, or specific events like birthday or wedding parties. For big parties, there is a limit to the number of guests you can bring along. Beach parties and picnics are always fun and exciting.      

Safety of Landmark Private Beach

Landmark beach is completely safe for people. There are countless life jackets as well as lifeguards all over the arena. There are also rules guiding the activities of people on the beach. Some of them are:

–          No swimming costumes outside the beach sea

–          Pets are not allowed

–          Beach water is not consumable

–          No swimming except a lifeguard is in sight

–          Swimming is banned after sunset

–          Visible sick persons would not be allowed entry into the beach premises

Best time to visit Landmark Beach

The best to visit Landmark beach is during the off-peak rainy season. This period is usually between November to May.

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