Everything to Know about Visiting Oniru Private Beach in Lagos

Oniru Private Beach is a privately owned beach located in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a considerably small place, and is highly suitable for people who just want to relax and enjoy the ambience of nature. It is also a great place to hold small parties, such as birthday parties, pool parties, and picnics.  

Other great activities which can be done at the Oniru private beach are: sightseeing, business meetings, dates, casual hang-outs, among others. The beach has been singled out for its clean water, environment and pure white sand.

History of Oniru Private Beach

The history of the beach dates back to many decades ago. It is owned by the popular Oniru Royal family. They acquired the beach long before the Island rose to its present fame. Today, it has become one of the best resorts for foreigners and locals to hang out and enjoy themselves. The beach is at its liveliest on weekends with various displays of music and food.

Location of Oniru Private Beach

Oniru private beach is located at No 1, Ligali Ayorinde St, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Means of Getting to Oniru Private Beach

There are two ways to get to the beach; the first is through Muri Okunola Street. When you get to the end of the street, you can turn right and keep going straight. The beach is at the left side of the road. The second option is to go through Ajose Adeogun street, then turn to your right after Pat’s bar. The beach is just a few kilometers from there.

Gate Fee

To gain access to the beach, you will need to pay a gate fee of N1000 per head. If you go in your private car, you will be required to pay a sum of N200 for parking space.  

Fun activities to have in Oniru Private Beach

There are tons of fun activities which can be carried out at the beach. They include the following:

Dates and hangouts

Oniru private beach is highly recommended for people who want to go for dates, or for friends who just want to hang out. There are several tents there which can be rented for yourself and your friends. There are also numerous food vendors there, so you have the option of either buying your food at the beach, or taking yours along. Some of the food varieties at the beach include: asun (fried yam and stew), fish/chicken barbecue, fried potato, suya, nkwobi, peppersoup, etc.

You can also profess your love or propose to your loved one. Beach proposals are always romantic, and the Oniru beach is a great spot to shoot your shot.


The beach is also great for people who want to have a ‘me-time’ to themselves. Your privacy is completely guaranteed, and the environment is suitable for you to have a good recess, make crucial personal decisions, and re-strategise, while enjoying the serene water view. It is important to note, however, that it is not advisable to go to the beach for this purpose on weekends’ due to its usual bustling aura.

Parties and Picnics

The Oniru private beach is a great place to organise parties and picnics. You can bring in your own foods and drinks, or decide to patronise the beach vendors. Beach parties are always fun and full of life. Parties at the beach are also a great avenue to take memorable pictures of the ‘moment’. Parties at the Oniru beach are best organized in the evening or at night.


Meetings can also be held on the Oniru beach. The serene and natural environment, coupled with the awesome variety of food on display, are all great factors that contribute to an awesome business beach meeting.


This option is best for tourists. The Oniru beach is very accommodating to tourists to take pictures of its beautiful sea, sand, people, etc. Asides pictures taking, you can also mix with the locals and make fantastic friends.


There are several fun games which can be held at the beach. Some of them include: horse riding, ferris wheel, surfing, skiing, speed boating, sailing, and diving.

Safety of Oniru Private Beach

The safety of the people who visit the beach is completely guaranteed. There are enough safety precautions, as well as safety officials who watch and guide the movements of people on the beach.

Best Time to Visit Oniru Private Beach

The best to visit the Oniru private beach is during the off-peak rainy season. This period is usually between November to May.

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