Guide to Getting the Best Airbnb Deals in Lagos

What is AirBnB?

Airbnb stands for AirBed and Breakfast. It is an online company that provides accommodations for interested travellers, tourists and locals for a limited period of time. Homeowners who are referred to as hosts put up their houses for lease and guests can choose the one best suitable for them.

In addition, people who wish to go on vacations and meetings in other parts of the country can utilise AirBnB to get awesome apartments based on their preference. Airbnb has been described as the “Uber of Houses” in the media.

How to Get the Best Airbnb Deals in Lagos

It is important to note that Airbnb operations in Nigeria are limited to Ibadan, Abuja, and the elite parts of Lagos, such as Banana Island, Lekki, Magodo, Apapa, Ikoyi, among others.

Airbnb deals in Lagos

The following are some of the best Airbnb deals you can find in Lagos, Nigeria:

1. The Seacroft Court

This is a 2-bedroom apartment located in Lekki, Lagos. It is housed by Seacroft and designed for 4 guests. The pay is $105 per night. Seacroft Court is a top-notch penthouse highly recommended for business owners and tourists who wish to have a ‘me-time’ to themselves.

The croft is situated very close to the popular Nike Art Gallery. It is also about a 15-minute drive to Palms Shopping mall. In addition, is located just beside Shoprite, and the popular Lekki arts and crafts market. There is a large parking area in the compound, and 100% privacy is guaranteed. To cap it, the electricity in the house is steady for 24 hours every day.

One important factor to note, however, is that the host does not allow pets, parties, or smoking.

2. Minimalist 2-bedroom Penthouse in Victoria Island

This is a suitable apartment for lovers of class and simplicity. The house is simple-structured and designed for four people. The location is in close proximity to exquisite restaurants and fast foods. There are numerous malls and leisure spots within a few minutes’ drive from the house. It has a great waterfront view, as well as constant internet and electricity.

Lastly, the Minimalist Penthouse is hosted by Mikail who has been tagged as a super host as a result of the positive ratings on AirBnB. The pay per night is $140.

3. Bidemi’s Lagos Apartment

This is a 1-bedroom apartment leased at $40 per night. It is designed for one guest only, particularly a guest who adores the sea view. The compound is large enough for a stroll, and it has a casino for fun lovers. Tennis and basketball courts are also available in the compound, along with a pool.

There is also the option of a group jog in the morning and at night. The security in the compound is premium and the electricity is 24/7. Cinemas, shopping malls, pharmacies, restaurants, and fast foods are all few minutes’ drive away from the apartment. One vital rule to note, however, is that children below two years old are not allowed in the apartment. 

4. The Escape – A home away from home

This 1-bedroom apartment is designed for a maximum of 3 guests. It is located in a serene environment in Lekki Phase 1. Just as the name implies, the apartment is highly recommended for guests who just wish to relax. It is also a great place to chill and have ‘low-key’ fun. There are two smart TVs; one in the living room, and the other in the bedroom. Each TV has a free Netflix account where you can watch countless amount of movies.

Although the electricity is not 24/7, inverters have been put in place as a second option. The inverter, however, is not applicable to air conditioners and other heavy appliances such as water heater. The apartment is also in close proximity to the Filmhouse IMAX Cinemas, and just a 15minute drive to the Palms Shopping Mall.

Lastly, the pay is $80/night, and it is hosted by Eresuyi, who is a superhost on AirBnb. One major rule of the house is that appliances should be used only with their allocated sockets. Appliances that don’t work with the inverter would have their sockets automatically turned off when it is on.

Other things to note about AirBnB deals

You can utilise the search button by typing your preferred type and price range of the house. You can also check for reviews and ratings of the intended house before booking it. You can check for the location and features of the house before booking.

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