Interesting facts about the popular Mile 12 food market in Lagos

The popular Mile 12 food market has remained relevant in Lagos for over 40 years. It is an international market that has gained recognition within the African continent and over the globe.

The availability of all forms of food and consumables in the markets is the major reason for its popularity.

The Mile 12 market is a depot for those willing to sell and buy in wholesale. It is more like a warehouse for edible products coming from within and outside the state and country. There are absolutely no food items that can’t be found in the Mile 12 market, because somebody somewhere will definitely have it in stock.

 The market should probably be tagged as “the centre of unity” as the traders who trade there are from different ethnic groups such as, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ebira, Idoma, Efik, Ibibio and so on. Though, it can be said that the market is dominated by the Hausa and Yoruba ethnic groups.

The market is also notable for traffic congestion due to the number of people within the area and a couple of bad roads which are presently under construction.

Location and Direction of the Mile 12 food market

Mile 12 market is located in Ketu, along Ikorodu-Epe Road in Lagos.

It’s easier to navigate one’s way to the market once one can find his or her way to Ketu. The market is the next Bus-stop after Ketu Bus-stop.

Features of the Mile 12 food market

The Mile 12 market has some major characteristics that can help those visiting it for the first time be sure they have arrived at their destination. Some of these notable features include:

  • smell of rot due to the large quantity of foods that ends up as waste
  • in-streaming of traders most of which are hawkers of different goods
  • large numbers of trucks trooping in and out, since the market is more like a depot point for food items destined for Lagos
  • large volume of goods sold at relatively cheap prices since the market is a whole-sale and retail market.

Things to buy in Mile 12 food market

Food items like: rice, beans, yam, pepper, palm oil, tomatoes etc.

Household items like: plates, cutleries, cooking utensils etc.

Fruits and vegetables

Mile 12 food market opening days

The market is open round the clock. It is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operational market.

Mile 12 food market neighbouring communities



Thomas Laniyan Estate





Isheri North

Mile 12 food market safety advice

  • Visit the market with a nose mask to prevent being choked or irritated by the smell of rot that emanates from the market.
  • It is advisable not to dress gorgeously when visiting the market as it is always over-crowded. Hence, simple and casual dressing is preferable to enable free and quick movement.
  • Be smart, conscious and alert to avoid being duped or robbed.
  • Make a list of items you intend buying to avoid extravagant spending.
  • Go with a rubber boot and short during rainy season
  • Keep money in a very secured place.

Mile 12 food market online

The Mile 12 food market online is an initiative to help people who probably can’t visit the market get whatever they need from the market with ease. The online market is to reduce the stress and mess of visiting the market and to make purchasing of products easier and faster.

Just like every other online market, they deliver quality and healthy products with personalized services.

Delivery of foodstuffs in wholesale and retails are made to customers’ doorsteps within 24 hours with respect and integrity. Delivery is also made at the doorsteps of Africans who live abroad and want local foods close to them with good and healthy packaging at an affordable price.

There are many Nigerian startups that currently offer this service.

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