Nigeria to Mauritius Visa requirements and guide

The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Located off the eastern coast of Africa, Mauritius is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The subtropical island is a well-known vacation destination and is the only country in Africa where Hinduism is the most practised religion.

Mauritius Visa requirements

To travel to the island nation of Mauritius is not very difficult for Nigerians. To get a tourist visa to Mauritius, the following documents are needed.

  1. Health Documents: a negative COVID-19 PCR test result must be issued at least 72 hours before departure.
  2. Vaccination documents: proof of COVID-19 vaccination must be submitted. The last dose of the vaccine must be taken at least 14 days before departure.
  3. Travel itinerary: Do not purchase hotel and flight tickets until your visa has been approved. Get a travel reservation to and from Nigeria instead.
  4. Proof of funds: Proof that you have enough money for your stay in Mauritius and your return to Nigeria.
  5. Police clearance certificate.
  6. Passport: Original passport of Nigeria with a minimum of six months remaining validity on the date of travel.

Mauritius Visa on arrival

You can also choose to get your visa on arrival to Mauritius. This is how it works:

  1. Arrive in Mauritius.
  2. Go to the Mauritius immigration counter.
  3. Fill out the immigration form.
  4. Submit the form and other travel documents and pay any visa fee required.
  5. Based on your documents, you will be granted a visa for Mauritius.
  6. After getting the entry stamp, you can enter Mauritius and stay for the duration of your visa.

The visa on arrival option is for Nigerian citizens who are travelling to Mauritius for tourism, business or visit purposes. If you wish to travel for education or work, it is advisable that you apply for a visa before leaving Nigeria.

Requirements for visa on arrival

To get the visa on arrival, you will need these:

  1. Passport size photographs (35mm-40mm in width and 45mm-50mm in height).
  2. Valid international passport.
  3. Latest bank statement.
  4. Confirmation letter from your travel insurance company showing that you can afford your stay in Mauritius.
  5. Reference letter from your employer or educational establishment.
  6. Evidence of group travel (if you are travelling with a group).
  7. Proof of accommodation booking in Mauritius.
  8. Proof of airline ticket reservation for Mauritius.

Regarding the visa on arrival option, it is difficult to get an extension on the 14-day time span.

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